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Why You Needed a Social Media Manager, Yesterday. 

Yesterday face-to-face networking, door-to-door travel, and a thousand handshakes a day paved the road to successful business. billboards were the way to get a customer's attention. megaphone-style media and advertising attracted an audience. today?  networking is instantaneous, and done through tweets, posts, sends and shares. headlines are 140 characters or less. relationships, empathy, and speaking your demographic's language are key.  The arena?  Social Media.  


97% of consumers search for information, such as menus, locations, reviews, and hours, about local businesses online. 


74% of consumers utilize social media as an influence when making decisions about what, when, and why to purchase.


71% of consumers who are responded to by a brand on social media are likely to recommend that brand to others. 



elocute media offers a number of services to help put your business on the social media map!  


full social media management experience

The Full Social Media Management Experience includes: 

  • A competitive analysis of competitors at the local, national, and international level
  • A comprehensive and always-updated social media calendar, taking into account promotions, holidays, and best practices in strategy and planning to maximize your revenue
  • Social media management on two* distinct platforms, including prompt and responsive customer service
  • Research, design, and implementation of ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.**
  • Monthly reports outlining the results of your social media efforts

And of course, maximized visibility and reach to best position your business! 

Sustainable social media training

As a lifelong educator, I truly believe in a growth mindset, and that anyone can become the master of whatever they put their heart to!  With Sustainable Social Media Training, you'll: 

  • Be trained from the ground up on best practices for your business across social media
  • Learn how to pinpoint who your demographic is, and how best to reach them 
  • Begin to maximize the potential of different various social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+
  • Train in Illustrator, Canva, and other image-creation tools, so that you'll never want for beautiful content
  • Have access to one-hour, bimonthly training calls with me, a social media professional and lifelong educator, who will walk with you side-by-side in making you a social media maven




a la carte options

Unique businesses need unique services!  Pick and choose a combination of a la carte options to customize a package that's right for you! 

  • Platform management (choose between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Vine, Periscope, Snapchat, YouTube, and more)
  • Content Creation (including graphics and photography)
  • Social media strategy calendar (per month)
  • Reputation management and customer service
  • SWOT and competitive analyses 
  • Research, design and implementation of platform specific advertisement
  • Training phone calls
  • Graphics, branding, SEO optimization, and web design

People Really Love us

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Kaysha Weiner, Kaysha Weiner Photographer

"Melissa's recommendation to start journaling has been such a great addition to my business and life. I was just looking for social media guidance, but got so much more! I was most happy with how easy and effective the whole process of working with her has been. Melissa mapped out everything for me to succeed with my social media, and answered any and all questions that came up. I would absolutely recommend her! For the first time in my business, I feel like I have a plan for my social media, and it's all thanks to Melissa!




I’m Melissa, and I am seriously into social media.  Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn, I revel in it, and I want to help you rock its power to make your business a success!

With a professional and academic background in marketing, linguistics, and photography, as well as myriad experiences in the education, travel, technology, beauty, and hospitality industries, I am uniquely positioned to help you in your social media endeavors. As an educator, I believe in sustainability, and working with you along the way to empower you in making wise social media decisions. 

When I'm not running around the virtual social media space, I can be found traveling all over the world, attending hip hop classes (my top rock kills it), and listening to awesome 90s pop and r&b.  My love can be bought through light roast coffee (Chicago's Metropolis is one of my favorite roasters!), 85% dark chocolate, and business class tickets to new and exciting destinations (but of course I'll take economy too)! 


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You're ready to take the first steps toward owning your social media!  I am super excited to connect with you to discuss how we can secure amazing engagement and visibility for your small business or blog!  Fill out the form below, and I'll reach out within 24 hours so we can take those first steps. I can't wait to hear from you!


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